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Pharmaceutical Companies

We’ve worked closely with the NHS to build a homecare service
that removes the stress of dealing with treatment for both patients and carers.

Real-world data solutions

Payers around the world, and particularly in the UK & Europe, are refusing to pay premium prices unless there is compelling evidence to support efficacy. It is vital that clinical studies are designed so they are able to show each drug’s value proposition. Reimbursement as much as registration needs to be the ultimate goal. HealthNet Homecare can help you achieve this; our highly experienced team and robust solutions ensure real world data collection – vital in overcoming reimbursement challenges.

A key focus for the pharma industry as a whole is the ongoing pressure to provide real-world data, commercially relevant evidence that not only enables you to show efficacy but differentiation and added value. Our expertise combined with access to the key stakeholders in the relevant communities can help you overcome this.

Patient support programmes

Ensuring the right patient, gets the right drug at the right time, with the right level of support. Patients and families affected by many diseases often struggle to access services that meet their needs. We can help to provide the service elements ensuring the best quality of life for the patient and their families.

A well designed & managed Patient Support Programme should create a win-win situation, decreasing both administrative & capacity pressures for the NHS and enabling brands to address adherence issues. It also helps to collect real world evidence and often achieve differentiation whilst delivering the right level of support for patients, leading to better clinical outcomes and improved patient experiences.

When it comes to patient support, the HealthNet Homecare team are experts at working with a variety of stakeholders to achieve excellence in the design, mobilisation and on-going management of services.

Advisory boards

We support Pharmaceutical and medical device Manufacturers in achieving various pre-launch objectives by opening additional channels for stakeholder engagement.

From trial endpoint validation to the fine-tuning of product value proposition, identification of value drivers that impact pricing strategy and pressure-testing of the overall HTA implementation plan, HealthNet can help.

Through our advisory boards, which are organised in accordance with ABPI guidelines, we engage with our network of NHS stakeholders (including Payers, Key Opinion Leaders and Patient Advocacy Groups) to generate meaningful insight and help facilitate alignment between clients’ commercial and -research and development strategies.

Market knowledge, access and launch

No matter what therapy area, method of administration or patient cohort; Brand & Senior Leadership Teams often rely on our expertise to help navigate hurdles, overcome challenges and fill in the various knowledge gaps associated with either launching a new product or maximising value of an existing product within the Homecare Market.

We offer competitive day rate consultancy services that are tailored to individual customer needs, delivering various levels of support to our customers that can range from small scale homecare market education workshops to large scale end-to-end launch programme management services.

Managed access programs

Managed Access Programs ensure that patients can have pre-approval access to medicines indicated for life-threatening and long term conditions, particularly where there is high unmet need.

There are situations when specific patients are not able to participate in a clinical trial for various reasons or times when Manufacturers prefer to maintain access to medicines after clinical trials have ended, and before the medicines become commercially available.

In such situations, we leverage HealthNet’s clinical nursing experience across a wide range of therapy areas, comprehensive real-world data collection capability and many years of internal expertise with investigational and compassionate use medicines, to support Pharmaceutical Companies with facilitating safe out-of-hospital access to these pre-approval medicines.

The range of services we provide for Managed Access Programs (which can be on a single-patient basis or for specific patient cohorts e.g., as part of the Early Access to Medicines Scheme) goes beyond the dispense and delivery of these medicines and encompasses treatment request management, product/disease area training, clinical nursing support for at-home treatment, administration and adverse event reporting.

Medical & educational goods & services

HealthNet partners with the pharmaceutical industry to implement MEGS programs that drive improvement in patient care and help the NHS achieve improved outcomes for patients.

MEGS programs do not constitute an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy, or sell any medicine but are used by product Manufacturers to support healthcare organisations in their efforts to ultimately achieve, maintain and drive improvement in patient care.

Our first-to-market IT solutions and digital platforms provide significant value in this regard.

Please contact us to discuss any services that you may be considering providing under the MEGS umbrella to understand how HealthNet can support these implementations.

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