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Stoptober – Never Too Late to Quit: By Angela Nolan, Homecare Nurse

Working in a previous role as a Smoking Cessation Advisor has provided me with knowledge and experience to be able to support anyone to make the decision to quit smoking. It’s never too late.

I recall one case of a gentleman referred by his GP to the service for help to stop smoking. He was in his 70s and had smoked since the age of 11. He indignantly told me he didn’t see the need to quit and didn’t want to. Gently and patiently, I worked with this gentleman for several months, won his trust and helped to grow his self-belief that he could do it. With lots of encouragement, he eventually took the step and smoked his last cigarette.

One year later, I received a card informing me it was the 1 year anniversary of him quitting. He was really happy and proud of his wonderful achievement.

There are many reasons people choose to smoke; stress, relaxation, self-medication, celebration and consolation.

Here are some tips if you’re considering stopping smoking:

  1. Don’t just remove the action of smoking from your life. Replace it with a positive action, such as applying a nice smelling hand cream and massaging it into your hands every time you get a craving; clean your teeth.
  2. There are lots of nicotine replacement products e.g. gum or spray that help curb the craving.
  3. Recognise your triggers and plan another activity to do instead.
  4. Look at how much you spend per week, month and year on cigarettes or tobacco. Add it up and see what you could afford if you saved the money instead. One couple I worked with quit and could afford a luxury holiday to Mauritius EVERY YEAR with what they saved!
  5. Think about making an appointment with your local Stop Smoking Service. The advisors are really helpful and can help you decide on the best nicotine replacement product for you.

Research has shown that if you quit for 28 days, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good.

Download the free NHS Quit Smoking app this Stoptober for daily support, to track your progress and see how much money you’re saving.

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Angie Nolan

Homecare Nurse