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Nurses Day 2022: Our Amazing Nurses – By Jill Stephenson, Clinical Services Director

This Nurses’ Day we spoke with Jill Stevenson, our Clinical Services Director, about making a difference to patients’ lives in very challenging circumstances;

“Over the last two years, the pandemic has brought significant challenges to homecare, not only for the patient, but also for every nurse too. I am both humbled, and extremely proud of the way in which our nurses continued to provide a caring and professional service to patients, ensuring they continued to receive care throughout this intensive period – despite the impact and restrictions that covid placed upon them.

Bravely, they faced their own anxieties, and those of the patient and family during visits, but at all times ensured that treatments were administered without compromising the safety and integrity of the service. Great attention was paid at all times to minimising the impact of any fear of covid transmission for the patient, family – and nurse, with the continued use of PPE. This brought its own issues – at a time when patients are potentially feeling vulnerable, and sometimes unwell, but admirably the nurses rose to this challenge, and took time to allay the patient’s anxieties from behind the ‘sterile and detached’ attire, and ensured effective and a caring humanness of communication was maintained with the patient from behind a face mask.

Throughout this difficult period, where the unknown was something faced on a daily basis, the nurses maintained their caring and compassionate approach, along with a cheerful sense of humour – determinedly seeking innovative ways in which they could ensure all patients were safely supported and treated.

Whilst we would not want to repeat the pandemic, what it did evidence was the fantastic team we have, who proudly but yet modestly continued to put patients first, and equally as important, supported each other through the highs and the lows of the last two years. Thank you to all you fantastic nurses, who put patients, and your colleagues, at the heart of everything you do – you are truly amazing.”

– Jill Stephenson – Clinical Services Director, HealthNet Homecare

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