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HealthNet Virtual Assistant

Introducing Holly 2.0

Holly 2.0 is our new and improved virtual assistant, and she is here to help. No more waiting on the phone to amend orders, change your delivery date or find out when your next delivery is booked for.

Holly 2.0 is a secure chatbot system that allows you to update delivery details, or request changes to orders instantly. 

Holly can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of this web page.  

What can Holly 2.0 do to help?

– Need to order a new sharps bin? Holly 2.0 can do it for you.

– Need to change your delivery date? Holly 2.0 can change it for you.

– Need to reschedule a failed delivery? Holly 2.0 can do it for you.

One of the great things about Holly 2.0 is you only need the mobile number you have registered with us. So, if you don’t happen to have your HealthNet CT number to hand Holly can still update/amend your delivery along with lots of other things instantly. 

Holly 2.0 joins the range of digital tools available to you to manage your medicine deliveries: 

  • The MyHealthNet App 
  • The Patient Portal 
  • Holly 2.0  

If you’d like to find out more about Holly 2.0, or any of the other digital tools available to you, why not visit our digital tools page.