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HealthNet Homecare E-Sign Hub

Our E-Sign Hub is a secure platform approved by the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA), which enables you to quickly, safely and efficiently get patient prescriptions signed-off and ready for delivery. 

Your patients can then receive their medication quicker than they would via the traditional sign-off system.

Watch How It Works

How our E-Sign Hub benefits you, and your patients

  • Safe, quick and secure online process 
  • Reduces the risk of missed or lost prescriptions 
  • Meets NHS and individual Trust requirements in relation to governance and security 
  • Your patient will be able to start their medication quicker as the prescription process time is reduced on average from two days to two hours (80% reduction) 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety of your patient’s as waiting time is reduced 
  • Supported by the NCHA 
  • A more environmentally friendly option with a 9,172kg CO2 equivalent reduction over 12 months (inclusive of paper and envelopes) 
  • Multiple staff can be assigned to the sign-off process so there is no delay due to absences 

How our E-Sign Hub works for Clinicians

The HealthNet E-Sign Hub works in a simple 6 stage process

Are looking to streamline the prescription journey? If so, reach out to our HealthNet Business Development Team here.