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Clinicians Team Up with HealthNet Homecare to Improve Clinician Gateway

Listening to feedback is vital to constantly improve the innovative services we offer.

Recently we invited some of our NHS clinicians to join us for a ‘Think Tank’ session at our head office in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Our objective was to understand what would make our existing Clinician’s Gateway better, and therefore make life easier for our clinicians.

The Clinician’s Gateway is an online platform available to NHS professionals whose patients are on HealthNet clinical homecare services. Clinicians can send invoices, manage prescriptions, register patients for homecare, check delivery status and run reports using the Gateway.

Clinicians working together at our workshop to improve the Gateway.

The open session looked at what aspects of the Gateway works well for them at present; what requires improvement, and what additional amendments would make clinicians’ jobs easier.

“The day was well received, with good engagement during the discussions. We had some very honest feedback which will enable us to review the current Gateway and ensure it meets the future needs of the NHS” explains Sam Cockayne, Sales Director at HealthNet Homecare.

“The plan is to present back a ‘roadmap’ of the improvements for the Clinician’s Gateway to those that attended the ‘Think Tank’ session. Following this we will reconvene later in the year to demonstrate the changes”

“The voice of our customers is important to us; we cannot improve our services without taking on board their feedback and addressing the changes that are needed. After all, these services need to work for them”, continues Sam.

We’d like to thank all the clinicians who attended the day. Their input has been invaluable. We appreciate the time everyone took out from their busy schedules to support us in our endeavours to drive continuous improvement of this innovative offering.

If you are a Healthcare Professional and would like to find out more about our Clinician Gateway, please contact: