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Best Kept Secret: The Value of Clinical Homecare to the NHS, Patients and Society

A new independent report commissioned by the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) has been released, shining new light on the value of Clinical Homecare.  

‘Best Kept Secret: the value of Clinical Homecare to patients, the NHS and society’ has been steered by an independent panel of experts and shines new light on the benefits of homecare to patients, the NHS and society. 

Clinical Homecare can significantly enhance patients’ lives, enabling them to maintain independence, sustain relationships and pursue work or education. Clinical Homecare also provides significant financial savings and benefits to the NHS and wider society.

Despite this, Clinical Homecare remains absent from long-term NHS plans, resulting in a significant missed opportunity. 

View the full report here.

HealthNet Homecare is proud to be a full member of the NCHA, adhering to its stringent Code of Practice and membership criteria.

Our commitment to these standards ensures that we provide patients, healthcare professionals and commissioners with the assurance of rigorous excellence in all aspects of Clinical Homecare services we offer.

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