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A Day in The Life of a Nurse Advisor

Ever Wondered What Our Virtual Nurses Get Up To? Lets Take a Look…

Our day mainly comprises of virtual training appointments to help patients learn how to administer their injections, patient support programme calls and answering patient queries, but often a mix of all three.

What Are The Main Challenges of Virtual Training?

Undertaking injection training as a virtual appointment has its own challenges in itself. These can vary from connection issues, to inappropriate locations; bus stops, car parks and building sites are a few of our favourites!

We spend a lot of time talking to ceilings and dogs whilst trying to talk people through their injection process. It can be challenging when dealing with patients who experience adverse events, so it is essential to remain calm to give instructions to whomever is with the patient and offer reassurance and support.

What Is a Patient Support Call?

We carry out follow up calls to ensure our patients are getting all the support they need.

Patient support calls should usually be quite straightforward – have you taken your medication? Have you experienced any issues or side effects? However, this can also open a vast can of worms!

We have identified patients who are at risk of harm, experiencing adverse effects and ones who simply need further help with how to administer their medication. These are all mixed in with those who are doing fine.

No two days are the same.

What Happens If a Patient Has a Query?

In between all of this, we take it in turns to answer patient queries, dealing with any patients that have called in for advice.

This covers every therapy we offer and everything imaginable that could possibly go wrong…with a few things even we had never thought of!

This is also a very good indicator of what things patients haven’t understood or remembered from their initial training which we are then able to feed back to the team to improve the quality of the training we can provide.

These all lead to us chasing up clinics, passing on information to patients from their clinics and discussing queries with our own HealthNet Pharmacists.

Patient wellbeing is our priority, so it is imperative that we provide the best service that we can.

Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our nurses, virtual and homecare, for always going above and beyond for our patients and always providing outstanding patient support. Your compassion, commitment and kindness never goes unnoticed.

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